So, funny story…

I watched a one of the great video where Damian Brady @damovisa Dived into DevOps where I noticed the cool stickers he had designed.

Damian lists some of the issues that could go wrong if you publish from a developer machine:

  • Maybe you have something installed on your machine that’s not in production.
  • Maybe you didn’t merge all the changes people made.
  • Maybe you did, but you resolved that tricky bit slightly wrong.
  • Maybe you merged successfully, but forgot to run tests.
  • Maybe you did run the tests, and they work fine on your machine, but not in production.
  • Maybe there are untested bugs that don’t show up until the app is on a server.
  • Maybe your OS just got an upgrade and the code no longer compiles.

I asked Damian if I could print some so he kindly shared the template to me on Sticker Mule… I immediately ordered some stickers.

After a little time the stickers arrived in Australia from the US and I added it with pride of place on my Surface IMG_20180531_143110-min.jpg

I shared some with my government clients and even someone from the VSTS team here in Canberra.

Thanks Damian Brady!